Dropout UK believes in the celebration of popular culture. As such, we aim to provide coverage as wide and as varied as, yet still relevant to our audience.

Dropout UK promotes great music and entertainment. We launch careers and participate in ongoing promotion of popular and exceptional artists and personalities.

Dropout UK's business model is in place to compliment our ethos as well as assist other businesses in the promotion and creative development of clients they represent.

Dropout UK provides businesses with a platform that encompasses a wide spectrum of active, enthusiastic audience members who have the ability to interact with site content directly, as well as through related Social Networking channels. This audience interactivity with brands is essential within the contemporary, competitive music and entertainment industries.

Dropout UK understands the important role it plays in the existence and progression of all companies within, and associated to, the music and entertainment industry as a medium to communicate and convey a message to our market, be it a pr campaign, artist endorsement, film release or relevant brand promotion.

Dropout UK considers itself the tannoy to the 16-28 year old market... 'Just Give Us A Message...'

Dropout UK also operates a national student rep scheme within colleges and universities. Within these schemes, representatives are selected to promote Dropout UK and the site's high profile features on campus, as well as online through regionally focused Dropout UK channels. This re-enforces our physical presence, while still maintaining the all important interactivity on which Dropout is founded.

If you would like to discuss some opportunities we would love to here from you. Contact opportunities@dropoutuk.com

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