Beyonce And Alicia Shoot New Video In Brazil

Carnival Came Early For Rio Citizens

The official opening of Rio Carnival may be three days off, but Beyoncé got the party started early as she took to the streets to film a new video clip.

The pop star put on a dazzling display in the Brazilian city as she paraded around in a sparkling two-piece costume and huge headdress.

She was joined by Alicia Keys, who also wore a dramatic feathered helmet with her silver costume.

The pair are currently filming a clip for their duet "Put It In A Love Song", which features on Alicia's recently released album, The Element Of Freedom.

Earlier, Beyoncé put her best moves on show as she danced on the stairs of a disused bus in a Carmen Miranda inspired number.

She took over the Praca Maua square as she pranced around in a green and blue playsuit.

Alicia also worked on scenes while surrounded by improvised buildings, washing lines and inquisitive children.

She performed on the roof of a house in the shadow of Christ The Redeemer in the shanty town of Morro Santa Marta in Rio De Janeiro.

She was also spotted filming one segment in Rio's Dona Marta slum.

It became renowned worldwide after Michael Jackson went there to film the 1996 video They Don't Care About Us.

It's the first time the pair have collaborated despite being friends for quite some time.

Alicia is also close with Beyoncé's husband Jay-Z, and the pair worked together on the 2009 hit Empire State Of Mind.

Alicia told MTV recently: 'Her and I together was like re-united sisters.

'Most people get in the studio and don't get a chance to really collaborate but we were in one room having a ball.'

'The energy was incredible. Big up to [producer] Swizz Beatz who worked on the track - it was unreal.'

Alicia also said she’s keen for more collaborations.

She says: 'I would like to work with the Kings Of Leon [and] I like Dizzee Rascal.'

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