Lil' Wayne Shares His Thoughts On The Chris Brown + Drake Fight

Says "It's Funny To Me"

Lil; Wayne has admitted that he finds Chris Brown and Drake's feud funny.

Brown, Drake and their entourages were allegedly involved in a brawl at New York City nightlub WIP in June, leaving several bystanders injured and leading to multiple lawsuits. The fight is said to be over the music stars' respective relationships with Rihanna.

Lil' Wayne - who has worked with both Brown and Drake - has told MTV News that he thinks the issue shouldn't be treated so seriously.

He said: "Honestly, I laughed at them. I can't front, I just laughed at them... like, it's funny to me."

The Young Money honcho then went on to admit that he's glad to be not be involved in the negative media attention their feud has attracted.

He explained: "I thank God I ain't going through it though, I've already been through too much."

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