Swizz Beatz Reacts To Dr. Dre Comparisons

Says He Isn't In That Class Yet

Swizz Beatz has responded to comparisons between himself and Dr. Dre.

This Is 50 caught up with the producer on a recent music video shoot and almost immediately questioned him about comparisons some have made between the two music stars.

Swizz seemed flattered by the comparisons but went on to explain that he doesn’t see himself in Dr. Dre’s class just yet: “Well, I think that I got a little more work to be exactly in his class…I don’t really like to talk too much like that. I like to put in work to inspire people and they do their homework and figure out what I’ve done,”

He added: “As long as I’m leaving a legacy for my kids I’m cool I don’t really gotta put it on the front plate of what I did and what I’m not doing. I just have fun.”

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