Beyoncé To Star In Documentary

Superstar Makes Film About Her Life

The usually very private 'Crazy in Love' singer Beyoncé is to get a lot more public as she plans to direct, produce and appear in a film about her life.

She will follow in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and katy Perry who have previously released fly-on-the-wall documentarys on themselves. The film is set to include concert performances, backstage scenes and interestingly enough, interviews about her and her loved ones about her life. (Something which Queen B is usually very secretive about). 

This could be just what Beyoncé fans have been waiting for as it's rumoured to give them that extra insight into her more personal life. Focusing on the release of her 4th solo album '4', as well as her relationship with husband Jay-Z and the birth of their first child Blue Ivy. This proves to be more revealng than any previous documentary on the superstar singer. 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z usually keep a low profile so for them to make this kind of film is a big change. Perhaps they've been taking advice from Kanye West's current girlfriend Kim Kardashian, whose whole life seems to be an on-going documentary.

Whatever the reasons, we are sure there are going to be some very excited Beyoncé fans whn this film drops! And it better be in 3D!

Watch a special live perforamce of Beyoncé's classic 'Crazy in Love' below.

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