Azealia Banks + Nicki Minaj Bicker On Twitter

The '212' Singer Hits A Nerve Over Tour Claims

Azealia Banks has upset Nicki Minaj over claims she turned down an offer to tour with the Young Money star.

According to Azealia Banks, the ‘212’ singer rejected an invitation from Minaj’s management to be the support act on the European leg of her 'Pink Friday Reloaded Tour'.

Banks took to Twitter yesterday to announce the news. The emcee made public her decline of Nicki’s offer, tweeting ‘I got invited to tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe but I can’t go because I have to finish my album during that time :(’.

Nicki's ears soon pricked up. Clearly unimpressed with the statement, she was quick to shut the new artist down. In an attempt to expose Azealia as a liar, the feisty rapper issued a simple hash tag response which read ‘#ManTheseBitchesDelirious’. No one is too busy for the Black Barbie

In the heat of the moment Banks hit back, confidently revealing that ‘I could be really unprofessional and post emails between ur manager and my booking agent but I won’t’. 

However – in true celeb style – the outspoken artist soon deleted her controversial tweet in favour of a more simple ‘not even worth it…’, followed by a snidey hash tag ‘#Veryquicklytakingyourjob’.

Are Nicki and Azealia the next Drake and Chris Brown? Will a billionaire Las Vegas club promoter soon offer the pair millions to settle the dispute in the ring?

Whether or not Azealia is coming to steal Minaj’s limelight, we hope the disagreement doesn’t prevent the pair from recording together in the future, as we’re sure the feisty females would produce fire in the booth.

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