"I Loved Her So Much" Russell Brand Speaks About Katy Perry

The Star Confessed Feelings For Ex-Wife On Radio Show

Russell Brand has spoken out about his feelings on ex-wife Katy Perry

In a radio interview with Howard Stern on Sirius/XM Radio, Brand was probed with questions about his recent divorce, and gave an honest insight into their marriage. 

The comedian said: ""I loved her so much, it just seemed like the sensible thing to do... I just loved her so much."

He admitted that things changed when they got married, saying: "We were together when it was right to be together, and when it wasn't we worked it out ... It was a lovely relationship ... it mostly didn't work for practical reasons ... We did work it out, she's happy, I'm happy."

Brand avoided talking about his feelings on starting a family with his ex-wife, as he was pushed to admit he is still into the idea of becoming a father.

He said: ""I don't want anything to hurt her. She's younger than me, she's a young woman and she's beautiful and she's sensitive and I care about her deeply"

Stern than recited the lyrics to Perry's song 'Wide Awake'. He tactfully chose the lyrics: "I was in the dark ... I was falling hard ... how did I read the stars so wrong" at which point Brand reverted back to his comedy ways with the response "That could be about anything ... horoscopes, astronomy."

The star of 'Get Him To The Greek' respectfully supported the 'Part Of Me' star's choice to release such an honest song, as he admitted he has no problem with her honesty. He told Stern: "She's a young woman dealing with the breakup of a relationship ... which is understandable. It's a nice song."

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