Liam Gallagher and Family Doing A Bit Of 'Keep Fit'!

Jogging In Tights With The Mrs...

Only Liam Gallagher would attempt to pull off jogging in tights!

The former Oasis frontman (I can’t believe I just said that!) teamed up with his brother-in-law Liam Howlett to go for a little jog. It seemed like they were dragged along by there respective wives Nicole and Nathalie Appleton, who were really trying to take the desperate efforts of their other halves seriously.

This was pure comedy!

Liam had said earlier in the year that he planned on beginning a fitness regime to shed some pounds, but it looked more like an excuse to put on some long-johns and run around in the park with the Mrs…

Get some real jogging gear sorted out Liam and we’ll consider taking your efforts a little more seriously.

Enjoy the photos above

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