Russell Simmons Calls Kanye West A "Genius"

Says He Thinks The Rapper Is Misunderstood

Russell Simmons has called Kanye a "genius", saying he "desperately wants to leave his imprint in the history books."

Kanye has made headlines recently, airing out frustrations about breaking into the fashion industry.

Now, co-founder of Def Jam Russell Simmons has written an open article on Global Grind giving his take on the rapper, whom he feels is misunderstood.

He wrote: "I recently sat down with 'Ye in New York and got the chance to hear about his hopes and ambitions, his frustrations and contradictions, his happiness and his anger.

"But through it all, what I felt from Kanye was an artist who desperately wants to leave his imprint in the history books. What’s often times misunderstood about Kanye is that people believe he wants all of this for himself, in fact, quite the opposite, he wants all of this for the rest of us. He wants to destroy the glass ceiling with 808′s and crack music…so one day WE have the power to see all of the lights. Certainly he wants a piece for himself…everybody would, but at his core, at the bottom of his heart, lies an inner-truth that has led to an external battle to make this world a bit easier for those who have been dealt a hand of struggle, by showing them a glimmer of hope through his art."

Simmons continued, specifically addressing Kanye's rants: "It is his generation that has this power. He knows it. He feels it. He tastes it. And he so badly wants it like mad. So, you may think he’s mad when he goes on his 'Yeezy rants,' but it is a different kind of mad. It is a mad that keeps you up at night, knowing that if you fall asleep, you are wasting time. It is a mad that makes you go into the lab and work seven days with no sleep, cause you want to perfect your craft."

After the article was posted, Kanye took to Twitter and responded:

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