VIDEO: Clean Bandit 'Mozart's House'

A Mozart Masterpiece

Clean Bandit, are back with their new single, 'Mozart's House', and I think it's safe to say this London based four piece sounds like nothing else out there right now! With their fusion of futuristic sounds and the dynamic involvement of strings in their work, it seems only fitting for the video to reflect such diverse music, and that it certainly does. 

The band are known for their ability to create great music, and also bring that high energy to their shows, performing everything live, which with synths as rich as the ones in 'Mozart's House', is exactly why the band are deservingly turning heads in the industry.

The question "Do you think electronic music is boring?" is put to us at the beginning of the video and by the end of the 4 minute clip the only way to answer that is with a resounding 'NO'. High intensity, fast pace and eclectic, this video definitely keeps up with the energy of the track and takes you on a pretty epic journey.  

Off on tour with the Disclosure boys in March and the release of 'Mozart's House' in April, 2013 is looking like a pretty good year for Clean Bandit.

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