VIDEO: Talib Kweli feat. Kendrick Lamar + Curren$y 'Push Thru'

Turbo Charged Bars

The Brooklyn MC is back with a new video for his powerful single ‘Push Thru’.

A new cut from Talib Kweli’s upcoming ‘Prisoner of Concious’ album, ‘Push Thru’ finds the underground icon passing the torch to the next generation of lyrical rappers. 

Directed by Scott Fleishman and Fredo Tovar, the video displays the three politically-conscious MC's in their respective hometowns. Hot spitter Curren$y sets things off with his ‘turbo charged bars’ as he takes us on a tour of New Orleans. Next up we hit the Big Apple with Talib as he demands attention by rhyming ‘the music for the movement’. The Brooklyn native powerfully instructs his listeners to ‘score your achievements’ by ‘never joining ‘em, so you gotta beat ‘em’.

Finally, the lyrical Kendrick Lamar takes us on a ride through Compton. Showing what kids who grew up on both Death Row are inclined towards, he cements the track’s powerful message that he’s ‘gonna push through’.

The video oozes authenticity and the thought-provoking nature of all three rappers’ lyrics are a vital sign that hip-hop is not dead.

Check out three of the game’s most talented lyricists in action below.

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