VIDEO: Two Door Cinema Club 'Sleep Alone'

Sky-Scraper Falling

Two Door Cinema Club have released their brand new music video for ‘Sleep Alone’ – the lead single from their upcoming album ‘Beacon’.

Like the Irish trio’s previous material, the track mixes an intricate electric-guitar picking over a dance beat. The song’s catchy chorus will remind fans why TDCC are their favourite indie dance-pop band.

The accompanying video sees the group performing in a gusty storm during a trippy dream-sequence. As front man Adam Trimble plummets from a skyscraper on his bed, he is simultaneously chased by a fast approaching steam train.

Directed by AB/CD/CD – critically acclaimed French filmmakers who have previously worked with Kasabian and Lily Allen – the visual is inspired by lead singer Trimble’s troubled, drug-induced dreams. Having returned from tour, the singer explains that he smoked cannabis to help him sleep, which caused him to have ‘really crazy’ dreams.

The band will release ‘Sleep Alone’ on August 27th, shortly followed by their second studio album ‘Beacon’ which is out on September 3rd.

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