VIDEO: Muse 'Unsustainable'

Enter Their Post-Apocalyptic World

Muse has unveiled the video for their new dubstep-influenced track ‘Unsustainable’. This is the second song to be revealed from the British band’s upcoming album ‘The 2nd Law’, and according to lead singer Matt Bellamy, the track was heavily influenced by a live performance from dubstep producer Skrillex.

The video opens with an orchestral intro as director Tom Kirk gives us a glimpse into a post-apocalyptic society. Following firm reports from an informative newsreader, the bass drops marking a sharp shift in gears. Momentum builds until a theatrical climax shows an evil robot attack the screen, and the song returns to bass brutality.

The band’s sixth studio album ‘The 2nd Law’ is scheduled for UK release on October 1st.

Enter Muse’s post-apocalyptic world by watching the video below.

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