Kaiser Chiefs Drummer Has Set Up New Record Label

Showcasing new band The Neat!

Nick Hodgson, the drummer of Kaiser Chiefs has set up his own record label.

The indie rocker’s label named “Chewing Gum” already has its first signing- Hull band The Neat. According to Hodgson’s bandmates, keyboardist Nick Peanut’ Baines and bassist Simon Rix, the drummer is writing material for The Neat as well as producing for them.

As well as revealing Hodgson's new venture, Peanut has said that Kaiser Chiefs, who are currently on a break, have plans to start work on new material later this year.

"We're all doing our own thing for a while but will reconvene Kaiser Chiefs probably at the end of the summer," he said.

Hodgson is looking for other new acts to sign to “Chewing Gum”, which he has set up with the help of his girlfriend. Kaiser Chiefs vocalist Ricky Wilson is also involved, and is designing a logo for the label.

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