VIDEO: Swizz Beatz feat. A$AP Rocky 'Street Knock'

Need For Speed

Leading up to the release of his second album 'Haute Living' Swizz Beatz is getting back in touch with who he is, and 'just do what made you the person that you are'. He's put together a mixtape, 'Limitless', in which he’s recently premiered the video for the first single 'Street Knock' featuring A$AP Rocky.

Swizz may have just been in the middle of a 'The Fast & The Furious' marathon while coming up with the idea for the video; that car could've been lifted straight outta one of the 100 films. He drives on to hook up with balling-buddy Allen Iverson, flashing his Reebok merchandise, before hooking up with A$AP at a warehouse party.

Look out for 'Limitless', Swizz has lined up Rick RossNasDMX and The LOX 
as just some of the features.

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