Video Spotlight: Jay Kwame *Are You Gonna Bang?* (Live Perfomance)

Spotlight Round II Winner!

Meet Jay Kwame...

The talented poet used his capturing lyrics to win over the judges and the lively audience at the Spotlight Round II: Poetry and Creative Talent Competition.

The story-telling feel added great value to his comical piece titled ‘Are You Gonna Bang?’ which was pinched from UK MC Funky Dee. The poet and personal trainer stated that, he had previously done music as a rapper/mc although he had started to lose motivation and wanted to try something different. ‘I saw another poet perform live at a comedy show and thought to myself that I could be good at that so I started writing!’ And hey...we at Dropout UK can honestly say-goodchoice!

Jay who has an uncanny resemblance to US singer/rapper, Drake also believes that there is a lot more creative freedom with poetry compared to rapping as “you don’t have to follow any beat, whilst also being able to put more humour, passion and emotion into it”. He claimed that he wants to change people’s perceptions that poetry is boring and detached from our current interests, ‘I think the scene can be so much bigger than it is as there are a great deal of talented poets out there. My target at the moment is to get myself heard and recognised by as many people as possible and to create a buzz around poetry.’

Sound words. Sound guy.

Have a look at the video below that got him a place on Dropout UK!

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