Video Spotlight: Dirty Danger "Hard Bodied"

Ruff Sqwad ON The Rise

Thanks to the success of Tinchy Stryder, Ruff Sqwad are finally getting the attention they deserve. Wherever Tinchy performs, expect to see a couple of the Sqwad with him. One of those members is known as Dirty Danger. For all those who purchased Catch 22, Dirty Danger was behind the tracks We Got Dem and the smash hit You're Not Alone.

As well as being a master on the buttons, Dirty Danger is also a talent MC too. We were given the heads up on Hard Bodied back in September.

Today at Dropout UK we’ve got the official video for Hard Bodied. Even though this isn’t Grime, Dirty goes on to say “nuff love for the fans that made us”, paying homage to their origins.

The video for this track is your typical up-beat dance video. You’ve got the girls, Dirty’s mates including a few members of Ruff Sqwad, plus the drinks are flowing left, right and centre. Not a track to chart, but it’ll be great ground work for the talented young man

Press the play icon below!

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