TRACK: Spark 'Take It Back'

I Don't Want It

Some people just have 'it'. Jess “Spark” Morgan wrote her first song at 7 years-old and a few years later found herself on tour with Marina and the Diamonds. She thereafter signed to a label and recorded her album with collaborators like Mike Skinner. Things weren't sitting right with her though, “the music they had me making just wasn’t me" she says, so she packed it all in, went back to the studio, and did things her way.

Tracks like 'Take It Back' are the result of Spark doing what she feels is right; tracks of unapologetic, RnB-tinged pop with catchy melodies. In keeping with doing things on her terms, the sassy singer snarls "if this is love then I don't want it" in the explosive hook, especially after she "gave it all to you".


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