Sony Xperia Z Launch Party @ Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square

New, Lean, Mean Machine!

Dropout UK headed out to the Sony Xperia Z launch party extravaganza. The celebratory event was held in a trendy basement, in London’s iconic Victoria House and it proudly hosted some of the industries finest, such as Kimberly WyattAshley Roberts and Roxanne McKee.

The electronics powerhouse put on an amazing evening to mark their new edition to the smartphone family; the brand new android Sony Xperia Z. Intent on being Sony's answer to the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone, it boasts a remarkable 139x71mm screen, which makes movie watching and photo sharing that much more exciting.

The waterproof phone, which was joyfully plotted around the illuminated cocktail-filled room, stunned guests with impressive features such as the Superior Auto mode and the jaw-dropping Stamina Mode which is by far one of the greatest cures to the nuisance that many smartphone users face - A dead battery! The list goes on with this clever little machine... oh, not forgetting to mention that you can obviously call and text from this bad boy! 

As the night warmed up, we finally learnt what Sony really meant by ‘Watching Paint Dry Just Got More interesting’ (which was the official slogan on their exclusive invite). We gathered around a spectacle that consisted of robotic arms tipping over glossy paint on a shiny white platform style pyramid. Very interesting!

Later on we were treated to some electro/house sounds by French prodigy Madeon, who is renowned for his ‘Pop Culture’ live mash-up, which went viral with YouTube views that past the 17 million mark. He gave us a mix of electro-pop groves and set the tone of the night. On overhearing that Madeon was a big diva, we were lead to think otherwise as one guy vowed that he only asked for Monster Munch in his rider-can you believe it?! who knows... Regardless he was awesome.

What a perfect way to celebrate the launching of the Godfather of the Androids. £500 for the bulky handset might just be money well spent!

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