LIVE: Nina Nesbitt @ Assembly Hall, Islington

Young, Beautiful + Oh So Talented

The ‘theatre-esque’ location made for a fantastic setting for singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt to perform her set, looking adorably cute with a splash of sexy, in a pair of denim cut off’s and an oversized printed tee, Nina opened with her track ‘Boy’.

Until she stated it, you wouldn’t have known that she was performing live for the first time with her band, the 18 year-old Scot, took to the stage with confidence and flair that one would expect from a much more experienced musician.

Her days of uploading songs onto YouTube from her bedroom have given Nina the ability and confidence to perform a number of tracks, solo, and still retain a flawless and clear sound, her songs have a very distinct theme based around love and her lyrics fully expose the good the bad and the just plain ugly effects of it, Nina adds her mature and timeless vocals to her lyrics to give her music a punch that goes way beyond her years, it is quite amazing to hear.

As she really got into her set one fan held up a homemade banner, which Nina grabbed and showed off to the audience, it’s plain to see she was truly appreciative and humbled to be where she was. Her excitement was infectious.

Nina performed 12 songs in all, with consistency, and energy, that created more of a soft and relaxed mood amongst the crowd rather than an over- hyped one. A standout track was ‘We Are The People’ which saw the talented teenager switching to an electric guitar, from her standard acoustic, and utilising a constant drum beat whilst singing live, the lyrics and the beat, combined with the beautiful vocals, make for a powerful and inspiring track, that seems so beyond her young years.

Another song to watch out for is ‘Statues’, Nina called for total silence as she performed, again, exemplifying her talent and confidence with instruments by switching over to the keyboard to perform this ballad.

Her music has the ability to reach out and relate to a mature audience that had seen a lot more then her teenage eyes had, all the way through to kids significantly younger then her.

The entire venue remained almost silent throughout her set, looking on in with sheer amazement, at this slight young woman who sings with such a refined tone and vocal range. Nina moved between genres easily, diversifying massively between metal, soft rock and pop, as well as her natural folk/country sound.

In all, this was a perfect night out, a lovely location and chilled out crowd shared the mutual love for the arts and an appreciation for a well priced beverage.

Well done Nina!

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