LIVE: Jake Bugg @ O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire

He Is The Real Deal

It all took off with a raucous start to the show. One moment a slightly odd couple were chatting by the bar then, within the blink of an eye the pair both splattered pints of beer all over each other…and everyone else. What a great start!

We dare not forget to mention that this wasn’t the only dispute at Shepherd's Bush Empire that night, “He looks like he’s 12 and a half” vows one curious guy...”nah he must be at least 18” responded another with a pinch of certainty in his voice. Evidently there was a bit of confusion of how old this preternatural talent was. Despite the fact that he looks barely old enough to get served at the bar at his own gig; newly turned 19 year-old Jake Bugg, shows his fans that he is the real deal in just one night...

Bugg, real name, Jacob Edwin Kennedy, showed his fans just why he was the lad that scooped the award for Best British Breakthrough Act at the BRITs and just why he’s self-titled debut album plunged straight  to number one. His flawless indie folk vocals and his effortless sound make him a must watch, as does his impressive and sentimental lyrics. He touches us all with authenticity and anyone would be in awe of a kid who shares experiences that a man twice his age would. On his acoustic track ‘Two Fingers’ he speaks of being on the streets of Clifton (the estate he grew up on) where him and his pals would ‘ up a fat one and hide from the feds’ He blurted out a care-free chorus which fans sang along, ‘light a cigarette and wish the world away’.  The young singer sure knows how to tap into peoples inner feelings and closely relates to thfe every day downers of life.

The Nottingham-born musician kept the mellow music rolling, as he induced us that he has witnessed the gritty realities of life in his song ‘Seen It All’. He talks about popping pills... crashing a gangster’s party and lots more naughty stuff. Everybody swaying and chanting ‘I’ve seen it all I’ve seen it all... nothing shocks me any more after tooonigggghhht!’  Bugg didn’t fail to give a very humble ‘thank you’ after each song, however there were barely any (non musical) audience interactions or dialogue... and none needed, as he kept us all plugged in with his transparent music. 

Lightning Bolt’ caused a stampede with everyone jumping up and down and flaunting over-the –head claps in the air. Neon lights flashed the stage while the singer, clad in a crisp white shirt clung to his electric guitar playing along. The scruffy haired Bugg impressed us all night with sounds that remained original, although not hard to tell that he has been influenced by indie/rock geniuses such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and The Arctic Monkeys.

Dubbed as the antidote to manufactured pop he definitely proved that with this performance. He remains authentic with his style and creative ability to pen his meaningful lyrics and turn them into angelic melodies. 

The only way is up for this young fella!

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