LIVE: Example @ Earls Court, Olympia

Rock Meets Dance (...Meets Dubstep Meets Rap)

If you are looking for somebody that nonchalantly explores all musical genres... look no further; Example’s your man! Example, real name Elliot John Gleave did not shy away from tapping into a rueful mixture of rock and hard-core dance, noticeably married up with pop and dub step...

The Fulham-born lyricist brought fourth hits from his Number 1 album ‘Playing in the Shadows’ in addition he gave us a pretty good performance of his big anthem ‘Say Nothing’ as well as his opening track ‘Come Taste the Rainbow’.  Gleave worked some of the biggest names in producing, including DJ Prodigy, Calvin Harris and other influential guys such as Benga, Zane Lowe and DJ Tommy Trash... all had an input to rock riffs and grimey  techno to please the ravers and fans that filled West London’s iconic venue, Earls Court.

‘I used to come here as a kid now I’m here cos of you lot...’ vows Example, right after he initiated a mosh pit frenzy to his dark song, ‘Playing In The Shadows’. He  added, ‘I got some people who didn’t want to be my friend 10 years ago but now they want to be my friend.’ The audience's response was a loud boooo in unison (we’re guessing the boo was at the’ wannabe friend’s rather than Example himself). Then he changed gear switching to a more up-tempo track ‘Hey Good Morning’. 

Example and his band, clad in black tee's and jeans, delivered an insightful reflection of his life; (almost memoire-like) through the performance of tracks from his fourth album. His transparent and engaging relationship with his fans is clear to see. He makes mistakes, has had low points, just like them, but the difference is that he is able to turn these moments into huge anthems! 

Pyrotechnics and all! Example most definitely gave Earls Court a good farewell!

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