LIVE: Labrinth @ LoveDough, Proud Camden

Labrinth + More Put On Great Show For Camden Crowd!

Hidden away in Camden’s Stable Market, Proud hosted LoveDough’s night, which promised fresh talent, exciting performances and that unmistakable Camden vibe, with Labrinth headlining, Dropout UK dropped by to see what all the fuss was about. 

Acts that performed included, E.B.R.U., Tiny Man, Leanne Robertson and the Bakery Boys, whilst Amanda Starr worked the crowd with her tongue and cheek hosting. The performances consisted of a diverse and complimentary mix of R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul, with a balance of groups and soloists, which went down well with the crowd and kept things interesting.

Leanne belted out soulful ballads with attitude, her lyrics held real meaning and depth, which were further intensified by her natural singing ability and fantastic vocal range, she worked the crowd well with her rendition of 'Broken Wings', which, If given an opportunity, could give the likes of Christina Aguilera’s 'Beautiful' a run for its money. Defo one to look out for. 

Bakery Boys also impressed with their fresh, new age Hip-Hop beats, catchy lyrics and an energetic on stage presence. The guys enjoyed every moment of their set and it shone through their performance, they worked the crowd like professionals, encouraging interaction, which included CD give- away’s and t-shirt throw-ins. 

Dropout UK was so impressed with their performance, that we grabbed five minutes with them after their set. The trio, going by the names of Ace Boogie, Shak and Dre, not only rap, but also produce, mix and write their own music too. The boys explained how they use their influences in fashion, film and life experience to create diverse music that stems from storytelling, they follow an ethic of roadside poetry as opposed to gimmicks and that’s what they feel sets them apart. We approve, so keep doing what you’re doing boys!

With only the headline act left to perform, the excitement levels were clearly visible and the venue packed up from wall to wall in anticipation for that first glimpse. The hour long wait did nothing to deter the crowd though, with Bruce Wayne and The Dixon Brothers gracing the decks with a punchy mix of music to cater for every flavour, the DJ’s were joined by the excitable Bakery Boys, still basking in their post performance glow, who kept the crowd entertained, until Labrinth finally graced the stage.

Upon entry, he satisfied the hyped up crowd by opening with 'Express Yourself', which immediately got whole room, and us, really moving. Labrinth’s DJ mixed the tracks seamlessly and the crowd was right there, belting his lyrics word for word. Other songs he performed included a naughty rendition of 'Frisky' and seriously mixed version of Tinie Tempah’s 'Pass Out', complete with an all new baseline.

Whilst looking effortlessly cool in a white and red paisley jacket, jeans and a pair of red, low cut, Dr. Martens, Labrinth worked the space and crowd effortlessly, the whole performance was on point, not even a sharp impromptu jet of smoke to the left ear could falter this man during his rendition of 'Beneath Your Beautiful'. We were front centre to watch, along with the rest incredibly impressed by the talent and energy Labrinth exuded on stage.

Ultimately, the night was a big success, Proud Camden was perfect to host this night, the intimate venue left no place to hide, with artist’s really seizing the moment, LoveDough’s lively host Amanda Starr kept the crowd entertained during intervals, pulling unsuspecting audience members on stage, including a moment where the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to one unsuspecting girl, the 2 for 1 drinks offer most definitely did no harm too! 

Well done LoveDough!

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