LIVE: Rita Ora @ Radioactive Tour, Shepherd's Bush Empire

Rita Shows Us How To Party!

It all kick started with a fiery blast of 'Radioactive'; Rita Ora’s current single that the tour is proudly named after. Disco lights, dancing and screams from all levels of Shepherd's Bush Empire; the 22 year-old singer set the party scene in a raunchy metallic ensemble. Moving seductively in a human-sized transparent box, with the word "Quarantine" stamped across it and warning signs stapled all over. We knew that tonight was going to be a little wild.

"I can't f*** ing believe that I'm performing at Shepherd's Bush tonight; I used to drive around here...” Rita shouted to the fans in the ram-packed west London venue. “Well I didn't my mum did, I can't actually drive”, she added comically. It's somewhat endearing being amidst a star that can laugh at themselves a little!

The west London bombshell, who supported Coldplay and Drake on tour last year, gave us a real variety of jams from her debut album 'ORA'. She delivered much more than we bargained for... not only did she jazz it up by gifting us with a cool refix of Outkast’s hit 'Hey Ya', she also honoured the rap legend Notorious B.I.G., by playing snippets of 'Mo Money Mo Problems' and hailing him as the ‘one man that she loves’.

Before you knew it she had us 'partying and b***s**ting’, then she reduced certain members of the audience to tears as she delivered gorgeous vocals for the 'Hello, Hi, Goodbye’ track. The young girl that Rita brought onto the stage and sat on (oddly enough), was in hysterics but braved it out as the star sand beautifully to her. She also performed a warm ballad 'Love and War' which tamed the audience with its cooling synths.

Once the softer tunes were conquered, Ora, now sporting a more relax chic tomboy look (now that’s more like Rita!) gave us a little more of what we expected. With her peroxide curls gleaming from a beanie that sat comfortably on her head, she threw another party with us and then topped it all off with her number one smash hit 'R.I.P' for the grand finale. This had an incredible sing-along chorus response and a few anxious whispers questioning whether Tinie Tempah was going to appear.

It's already been one hell of a year for young Rita, but she has proven that she has got more than just what it takes to shine her light this year. Dropout UK are looking out for more surprises from this pop-tastic star!

Well done Rita.

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