LIVE: Mikill Pane @ The Sebright Arms, Hoxton

No Longer Under The Radar… An Explosive Performance To Remember

“If you know this one you have to sing along until your voice gets horse... then you can take it to Tesco!” Mikill Pane bantered, making reference to the supermarkets recent horsemeat scandal. By then his loyal fans broke out into song, singing along to his popular hit ‘Summer in the City’. The East London lyricist didn’t shy away from making daring humorous comments throughout his entire set. The bearded rapper who sported a cool tee with an appetising slogan ‘Waffles and Cream’, spoilt us with a rucksack full of tracks from some of his recent EP’s including, ‘The Guinness and Blackcurrant EP’ and ‘You Guessed It’.

The cheeky poetic genius, who has collaborated with Ed Sheeran on sentimental track 'Little Lady', surprised us with his own re-worked take of Kendrick’s, 'Backstreet Freestyle', as well as an up-tempo tweaked version of Gotye’s smash hit, 'Somebody that I Used To Know'. This received an incredible reaction and a sing-along which was pretty much in sync!

Dropout UK were taken back to a 90’s old-school basement rave scene, as the gig had all the conventional elements - original basement setting, sardine-packed venue and real quality hip-hop sounds bouncing off each wall. The night could not get any better- we were being fed more solid punch lines and clever lyrics that were easy to identify with. We didn’t know Pane was an instrumental lad, until he took over the drums and gave them a good bang during his impressive solo drumming session.

His song ‘Good Feelin’, was performed panto-style but hey, it worked, even with hard-core hip hop heads. Towards the end of the show a guy shouted ‘Michaeeeeeel!’ But Pane was not impressed at the slightest as he grunted, “It’s Mikill you c*** you’re at my f***ing gig and your saying my name wrong.” Despite the awkward telling off, the gentlemen continued to smile and jump up and down, totally unaffected-as we all did.

We walked off feeling beyond satisfied, amused and excited for what this dude is going to do next. Unlike the gent in the audience we will never forget his name.

It’s onwards and upwards for Mr. Mikill (not Michaeeeeeel) Pane!

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