LIVE: Rihanna @ The Forum, Kentish Town

The '777' Tour Makes It's UK Stop

Rihanna's well publicised '777' tour, which saw her ambitiously perform seven shows, in seven different cities, over seven days, hit the UK on Monday, November 19th. 

This London show was Rihanna's sixth date of the tour but she didn't let that slow her down as she belted out her unbelievable number of hits. 

Hitting the stage in a white pyjama-like suit, leapord print bralet, heels and heaps of gold jewellery, RiRi showed us all why she's still here and on top seven years and seven albums in.

She kicked off her set with tracks from last year's 'Talk That Talk', treating us to 'Cockiness', 'Cake' and 'Talk That Talk' - all pulled off with the signature Rihanna attitude, of course.

She then took us back a few years with 'Only Girl In The World' and 'Disturbia'. It's so easy forget that Rihanna is only 24, she's achieved so much and has had so many hits, some that you even forget about until you hear them.

It was then time for RiRi to show off her vocals with acoustic performances of 'Unfaithful', 'Take A Bow' and 'Hate That I Love You'. With all her bravado and the media attention on her life, sometimes it's nice to be reminded that Rihanna does actually have an incredible voice.

Rihanna then launched into her recent hit 'Where Have You Been' but it all went a bit wrong when she stopped the band asthey were out of time. She told them: "what the **** is that? Why is the track off with the band? This is the **** you have to deal with on a rock 'n' roll tour!" Luckily things were quickly back on track as she ran even more of her tracks before closing with the absolute smash 'We Found Love'.

Although some have criticised Rihanna for the '777' tour, you can't knock her for trying and it's hard to imagine any other artist who would take on such a challenge. 

It's safe to say Rihanna is here to stay!

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