Skins Series 4 Exclusive Screening

The new series of skins returns with a bang

On Monday night, DropoutUK were lucky enough to attend the exclusive cast and crew premiere of the fourth series of the incredibly popular show Skins. Once inside Southbank’s BFI there was a screening of the first episode, which was the first time it had been shown, even to its stars. Most of the Skins second-generation cast was sat amongst the audience, including Kaya Scodelario (Effy), Lily Loveless (Naomi), Merveille Lukeba (Thomas), Lisa Blackwell (Pandora), Jack O’Connell (Cook), and Luke Pasqualino (Freddie), and Skins’ Executive Producer Bryan Elsley, Director Neil Biswas and Writer Jamie Brittain joined them.

The first episode, which airs tonight at 10pm on E4, is explosive. Entitled ‘Thomas’, the fourth season gets off to a shocking start and features Pauline Quirk who is there to deal with a life-changing incident that will come to involve everyone. Without giving too much away, it’s a safe assumption that the gang’s hedonistic lifestyles are running full-throttle toward some blistering consequences. The sex, drugs and drama we’re used to is back with a vengeance and Thomas’s episode, which deals with relationships, faith, family ties, and the startling pivotal event that sets the tone for the whole series, is really dark.

The opening shot is pretty spectacular, directed by Neil Biswas, and the first five minutes are mindblowing. Skins has never been a show to skirt around issues or tone things down for television, and this episode is a pure testament to this fact. The creators of Skins manage to maintain their reputation of spearheading some great music acts on their show with the soundtrack, which features Designer Drugs’ ‘Drop Down’, Ellie Goulding’s ‘Fighter Plane’ and Girls’ ‘Lust For Life’.

After the screening Heat magazine’s editor, Boyd Hilton, took to the stage to host a chat session with Lily Loveless (Naomi), Merveille Lukeba (Thomas), Jamie Brittain (Writer), Neil Biswas (Director of episodes 1 and 4), and Bryan Elsley (Executive Producer). During the interview, it was exclusively revealed that the creative team behind Skins are currently in talks to create a movie version of the now iconic TV series, and that the novel adaptation is now available. When asked if there would be a fifth series, writer Jamie Brittain hesitated, then said he hoped there would be and he’s thinking of ways to bring some continuity to it because of the show’s ever changing cast.

He let slip that because it’s set in a sixth form the actors need to be changed every two years, and in a similar way that Kaya Scodelario(Effy) is the only actress to have made it into both generations of the show, he wants a character from the current run to stay in for the next series. Jamie Brittain’s suggestion was Redd Smith (James Fitch, younger brother of the Twins Katie and Emily). The interview was opened up to the audience and someone asked what everyone’s favourite episode had been. Skins’ creator Bryan Elsley said JJ’s episode from Series 3, but interestingly Jamie Brittain said the fifth episode from the new series, adding “It’s gonna blow your f*****g mind…if you’ll excuse my French.”

Catch new Skins tonight at 10pm on E4.

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