LIVE: Alex Clare @ Scala, Kings Cross

Singing From The Centre Of His Soul

Prior to the gig, my very own visual brain-storm was drawn to depict all of the awesome things that I believed tonight would entail. Energy, diversity and insane, were the words that were formed in a cartoon-style cloud in my head. I mean who doesn’t know that Alex Clare is responsible for the magic on the catchy 'Too Close' song?! Although I would digress from claiming that I was in the ‘advance class’ in regards to how much I knew about this guy, I was nonetheles energised by the atmosphere and the anticipation of what was about to happen in the next few minutes. A sudden uproar of cheers hovered in the air as the British singer/songwriter christened the stage with pure goodness.

Clare performed a catalogue of tracks from his new debut album titled, 'Lateness of the Hour'. His introductory song 'Whispering' invited his die-hard fans to chant nonstop at the catchy lyrics. The bearded singer went on to perform more sing-along tracks such as; 'Treading Water' and 'When Doves Cry'. I caught a glimpse at his satisfying smile before he said humbly; ‘it’s amazing when you hear people singing back your lyrics at you…’ his gratitude was responded to by a wave of cheers.

We learnt more about Alex Clare’s unique style through the course of the night, as his heart-felt lyrics and his soothing vocals were juxtaposed with an up tempo and fast paced roar from his quirky band-what a mix! Although it sounds cliché, this man actually sings from the centre of his soul and this is reflective in his voice.

And there were many more forthcoming surprises… Alex treated us to his reworked (up-tempo) version of 'When Doves Cry'. He welcomed his pal Ade on stage for a cheerful belt-out and a little two step which was pretty awesome. Alex tried to pull a stunt by claiming that the night had come to an end… but I must admit that we were all pretty ‘concert-savvy’ and did not fall for that and to be honest...(nice try Al). Although he did painfully admit that it was a ‘cheap trick'…guess he should try a more pricey one next time...

Alex later returned on stage and performed a lovely acoustic which he dedicated to his beloved mother who waved from the upper floor of the venue. Then, the real icing on the cake, had to be the spin on the Gyptian track 'Hold Yah' which was transformed into a deep, soulful ballad and was sang beautifully’. So… for everyone who was privilaged enough to share our experience at Scala… raise your ciders up and appreciate that you witnessed something very special. Its onwards and upwards for this gentleman!

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