Roman Abramovich's New Years Eve Party @ St Barts

Dropout UK Bring In New Years With Hollywoods Finest

Jay-Z and Beyonce
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce
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  • Beyonce
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  • Jon Bon Jovi
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  • Beyonce

New Year’s Eve is usually a time where everybody panics to organise themselves for an evening that’s going to outdo every other party previously that year. With so much hype and anticipation for the year’s biggest celebration no one wants to get it wrong. With so many fabulous options and glittering parties around town Dropout UK were spoilt for choice. We didn’t want to get it wrong either so we didn’t end up at just any celebrity filled West End club; we pushed the boat out a little further this year, quite literally!

Dropout UK were fortunate enough to be invited to one of the most prestigious A-list parties around and joined the Hollywood Glitterati descending on Chelsea owner, billionaire Roman Abramovich’s yacht for the night. Docked in the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Barts the magnificent yacht of Titanic proportions was to play host to a spectacular evening of celebratory splendour.

Paparazzi camera flashes came from every direction as we stepped onto the billionaire’s floating playground and entered the world of Hollywood high society. Immediately we spotted blonde Barbie doll Lindsey Lohan as she posed in a beautiful, sparkling navy little number looking glamorously chic. Clinging onto her matching clutch bag and killer heels she tottered elegantly onto the party cruiser without a single stumble. Miranda Kerr also had the same problem as she attempted to battle her way onto the swaying vessel. No amount of movement was going to stop the vital appearance of Louboutins on this night, boat or no boat, they were out in force on nearly every woman’s feet! Fortunately for Miranda, she had the assistance of her chivalrous boyfriend Orlando Bloom to help her keep her balance.

Once on board we were all welcomed with a glass of Champagne to give us a taste of what was to come. Expectations were high but Abramovich did not fail to deliver. He spared no expenses on the catering; a reported £1.8 million was spent on the luxurious buffet of canapés and every type of world cuisine imaginable. From caviar coated foods to exotic fruit cocktails, champagne and an abundance of chocolate specialities for desert, the party got into full swing as guests indulged in all the delights on offer.

As the likes of Gwen Stefani and Usher mingled amongst the celeb filled crowd, Abramovich himself entertained some of the wealthiest businessmen in the world and some of his own personal associates. The stakes were high as he strove to impress. This event really had an eclectic guest list but it worked tremendously well as everyone integrated into one magnificent party atmosphere. No one seemed fazed by each other as they danced and partied the night away into the early hours enjoying every moment of this crazy billionaire lifestyle!

As the evening drew on performances by some of the music star guests got under way. Beyonce started proceedings with a short medley of her hits getting us waving our hands in the air to Single Ladiesand swaying from side to side as she sang Halo. With Jay Z by her side and still hyped from her previous evening’s performance at Nikki Beach she was indeed glowing with radiance. Prince then took centre stage and gave us a brief rendition of some of his all time classics. It’s safe to say he can still hit those high notes, he went down a storm. Applause spread throughout the yacht, it’s just lucky there wasn’t too much glass around! Our own little pop festival continued as Gwen Stefani gave us a few numbers having been relatively quiet for a while. Reminding us all of what a super star she is we at Dropout UK have a sneaky suspicion that 2010 may see this little starlet resurface. All these shining performances did not come cheap, despite being guests at one of the most glittering parties of the year, these little popsters were paid a whopping £1.2 million to keep the crowd entertained. Not bad for a night of partying!

As the clock struck midnight a dazzling display of sensational fireworks spread across the Caribbean night sky. On one of the most expensive boats in the world, by a truly stunning island with some of the planet’s most privileged people, as we sipped our champagne we considered what a real honour and experience it was to welcome in the new decade in such style.

As the night drew to a close and all the guests had well and truly got into the party spirit, the dancing continued, the girls had forgotten their aching Louboutin feet, the boys were relaxing with Cuban cigars and overall happiness had filtered throughout the boat. To round the evening off Jon Bon Jovi threw us a few moves as guests slowly made their way off the vessel back onto dry land. This £3 million party had been a great success as smile after smile of happy guests said their goodbyes. We at Dropout UK most certainly enjoyed ourselves and have to congratulate Mr. Abramovich on hosting an absolutely flawless spectacular of glamorous celebratory shenanigans! Thank you very much, we had a fabulous time. Happy 2010 everybody, let’s hope the parties continue!

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