LIVE: Conor Maynard @ O2 Academy, Islington

Girls Just Can't Say No To Conor Maynard

Britain… I think we got a problem… we’re going to have a whole lot more screaming school girls looking like they’re about to go into cardiac arrest. This can only mean one thing… Conor Maynard.

If you haven’t heard of Conor Maynard then my question to you would be: where have you been living? It must be under a rock, far below the Earth’s crust because the boy is everywhere! After winning musical recognition through MTV’s Brand New For 2012, ahead of the much loved and highly talented Lana Del Rey no less, the Conor train hasn’t stopped moving, picking up fans as it flies by at record-breaking speeds. The boy wonder from Brighton is one of the many unripened talents being discovered through homemade Youtube videos; something that he had been doing since he was 16 and signed by Parlophone Records.

Maynard once again proved his worth with a small gig at the O2 Academy Islington on Thursday, that after a suspenseful wait and a pitch-perfect performance he completely deserves the all the hype that is attached to his name. Smelling like teen spirit, the abundance of pubescent youth took me back to my days of braces and brightly coloured hair-bobbles, I felt like I was back at my school disco; except this time drinking alcohol and shaking a leg with an internet sensation. I must hail his sultry rendition of Drake’s 'Marvin’s Room'; as a big fan of the YMCMB All Star I can say that he did the tune justice, but more importantly maintained his own style that was distinctively British. He also sung 'Pictures', 'Mary' and his debut single 'Can’t Say No', which is out April 19th join the fellow Mayniacs at the crack of dawn outside HMV stores; or you could just download on itunes and save yourself being stampeded by a herd of uniform clad girls. 

On first hearing Maynard’s voice I was surprised to learn that he was a fresh-faced 19 year-old and quickly found myself regretting previous inappropriate thoughts, picturing some OLDER JT look-alike with facial hair. Forget ‘Bieber fever’ it’s time to ‘honour Conor’! With comparisons to U.S super-giants like Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars and old trouser-snake turned tamed snake himself, which is definitely plausible, Maynard will no doubt make the leap across the pond and have success in the States.

However, I think Conor is his boy next door looks juxtaposed with a soft, but strong and soulful voice that makes him stand out from the rest. Perhaps the best thing about him is that at first your expectations of his capabilities go from average to through the roof upon watching him perform. Much like fellow Brit Ed Sheeran, it soon becomes apparent that talent lies in the most obscure of places and that maybe it is good to first judge a book by its cover in relation to musical newcomers, because the end result is shockingly sweet and Conor is a pleasant surprise.

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