Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball @ O2 Arena

Stars Come Out For Radio Stations Annual Concert

  • JLS
  • Janet Jackson
  • Ne-yo
  • Dizzee Rascal
  • Chipmunk
  • Alesha Dixon
  • Flo-Rida
  • Alexandra Burke
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Jedward

Dropout UK attended both Jingle Bell Ball dates, so instead of giving you two separate insider reviews, we have joined both, to deliver you with one, alternating from both weekend dates.

Walking through the O2 Arena this weekend seemed like an impossible task. Lines to get into any of the restaurants ridiculously long. We found a spot at the bar, and tried some pretty creative cocktails!

On our way to the press area we passed the arena, jam-packed with excited fans of all ages, some dressed in Ne-yo and JLS T-shirts, it sure wasn’t a Cliff Richard gig!

When we were finally arrived in our area, and found our seats, the arena rapidly became filled to the 16,000 capacity limit, as anticipation grew for the first performer.

The lights began to gradually dim whilst the seated audience rose to their feet as the first act Ne-yo confidently walked on to the stage to the rapturous reception from the audience!

Looking dapper as always he sung a collection of his most notable international cross offer tracks including club monster ‘Closer’ and ‘Miss Independent’- He could have put the mic to the floor, went backstage to freshen up and I blind person wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference, as the audience were singing along to every word.

Noted for his award winning writing skills, he thrilled the fans with a medley of songs he was responsible for, including Rihanna’s ‘Take A Bow’, and ‘Irreplaceable’ by Beyonce. The tone was most definitely set!

JLS, who were the only artists to be booked for both weekend dates, were by far the ones who received the best audience reception (particularly fan-favourite Aston). The quartet performed both number ones- 'Everybody in Love', and 'Beat Again' as fans screamed. The lads never stopped dancing! They had a great stage performance.

Alesha Dixon also took to the stage in a beautiful blue ruffled dress, teasing the photographers with her long ‘pins’. She gave a decent performance, however at one point it looked like she had forgotten her words, before quickly regaining her composure (you can’t escape the Dropout eye…) She also promoted the charity that the concert was sponsoring – Help A London Child, which she is an ambassador of, of course.

Just when I was going to head of for a quick toilet break as those cocktails had caught up with me, the Man Of The Year, Dizzee Rascal jumped on to the stage to give us a pretty awesome rendition of his second number one of the year ‘Bonkers’- the crowd went bananas, myself included! Beach balls were being thumped around the arena which added to the ‘summer festival feeling’ he brought to the stage. He was keen to show off the T-Shirt was with his face emblazoned on it. The things that excite people ay…

The surprise act of the weekend was most definitely the ‘nuisance twosome’ Jedward (John and Edward from the X Factor) donning a pair of bright red skinny jeans. They jumped, thumped and occasionally bumped each other- doing everything they could to stop the audience from noticing their awful vocal deliver. It worked…for a while, as the audience clearly enjoyed watching them cover the Vanilla Ice hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’. However, it was pretty short live as large parts of the audience booed them off the stage! We manage to catch up to them after the gig, and they were still as bubbly as ever. In their case resilience is an understatement! You’ve got to give it them

Another X Factor instalment on the night was 2008 winner Alexandra Burke, who looked as gorgeous as ever in a beautiful golden dress as she performed alongside Flo-Rida for her number one single Bad Boys. For his solo performance he sure was a bad boy coming onto the stage sat on a few friends shoulders, whilst ripping of his clothes to reveal his heavily tattooed body. I’ve felt his arms before and I have two words- ‘wow’ and ‘wow’.

Taoi Cruz, took a rock star approach to his performance posing for the audience, posing for what seemed like an eternity, before getting into his UK number one ‘Break Your Heart’.

Miley Cyrus made an appearance and sang her American chart topper 'Party in the USA' to which the crowd knew every word although it’s still yet to be released in the UK. We have to admit, you certainly find it hard not to dance along to her songs. Sporting a pair of micro-shorts, she certainly hadn’t adapted to the temperature our great country offers. She told us, as she is touring at the moment, she’s managed to set up a Christmas tree in her temporary home... Aww.

By far the most memorable act of the weekend was the always ‘creative’ Lady Gaga, loosing the shades, and appearing a little slimmer than usual in knee-high leather boots and a blood-red bra set. She sang fan favourite ‘Poker Face’, and also her latest hit ‘Bad Romance’. As she asked the audience “Do you like my show?” followed by “I don’t care because you can’t leave.” We had to have a laugh at that.

Janet Jackson closed the show and did a brilliant job of it. This was her first UK concert performance since 1998, and she’s definitely been missed. With confetti blowing in all directions, she showed off some awesome dance moves, reminiscent of her 'Velvet Rope' days. It’s easy to forget how accomplished Ms Jackson is.

Overall a great weekend full of some awesome performances. The crowd were great and everything ran according to plan. Well-done Capital! On to 2010…

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