Nine Premiere @ Odeon, Leicester Square

Seven Leading Ladies, One Red Carpet

Seven leading ladies on one red carpet... Let’s hope no one’s wearing the same dress! Last night Dropout UK were off to Leicester Square for the glittering film premiere of the Rob Marshall (Chicago) directed Nine.

The film looks into the life of famous film director Guido Contini, and how one musical can bring together all the women involved with him, past and present.

The worlds status quo of fashion designers were vying to get one of their pieces around the waists of any one of the leading ladies on the night due to the abundance of media guaranteed at such a star-studded evening. The high billing was emphatically realised as Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, and Dame Judi Dench took to the floor, as I stood with recorder in hand. It felt like an Oscar Nominees Night, then a strong gust of wind went straight past my already soar nose and I knew exactly where I was.

In beautiful ball gowns, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz glided the floor, answering questions from the press, whilst providing a ridiculously wide range of poses for the flashing the cameras as their press assistants ushered them on just as they were reaching us... Dame Judi Dench looked elegant with her floor length Betty Jackson dress, and remained very close to the Daniel Day-Lewis whom she has a close relationship with from working with him previously. She told us, ‘It was a pleasure getting back in front of the camera with him, he is one of the most charming, generous actors I have worked with, and trust me I’ve worked with many…’

The one surprise of the evening was Nicole Kidman. In the film she portrays a Goddess like figure, however last night she chose the understated look as she wore a white blazer, with an almost school girl, summer styled skirt. She’s reverted back to the red hair she first found fame with and was extremely generous with her long, fine, pale legs. On any ordinary premiere she would have looked fine, but last night was no ordinary premiere- She didn’t look like a Goddess to say the least. She remained reserved throughout the night, gently walking along the carpet, as she informed us that she was ‘happy to be back in this beautiful country again’. We wouldn’t mind if you show it Nicole?

It was a little surprising, as the four women of focus didn’t bring a partner. Be it circumstances or choice is sort of reinforced the parts they play in the film which is solely focused around them. However, we did spot Penelope Cruz flashing a giant sapphire engagement ring, which if correct, was given to her by her boyfriend – Javier Bardem. We hear wedding bells!

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