LIVE: Rihanna @ O2 Arena, Greenwich

Rihanna Hits London Louder Than Ever!

Rihanna has been getting rowdy up and down the country over the last 2 weeks, on her Loud Tour that kicked off in the UK at the start of October.

With a set that lasted just under 2 hours, several ridiculously hot outfit changes, S&M style whips and chains, piano’s suspended in the air, pink canon tanks and Calvin Harris to warm up, RiRi put on a show and a half.

She stormed out on stage in a short neon blue trench coat and launched straight into Only Girl In The World looking the every bit the personification of the song. Without stopping she flung off her coat to reveal the sexiest jewel studded bikini outfit and went straight into Disturbia. She then reeled off song after song to the point where you actually had to stop and think jeez how many hits has this girl had?! Even then she didn’t have time for them all!

She put on a spectacle with many entertaining sets, particularly the set she used for Hard; sat on the top of a pink tank with her and her female dancers in matching camo outfits, they oozed female empowerment. The party vibe was slowed down for a short set where she came out in a gorgeous yellow floor-length gown, with a daring side split up the skirt to reveal thigh high tan boots – she looked simply stunning. She did let herself down here however (*ducks for cover*) as her entire “performance” of Take A Bow was sang by the crowd whilst she lazily conducted them along and she avoided all the high notes in Hate That I Love You – in fact she avoided the high notes in most of the songs in general.

She did however restore faith later coming out in a metallic gold dress sat on top of a piano that was suspended in the air and gave a storming performance of Love The Way You Lie Part Two, with a brilliant vocal.

Despite her lack of emotional engagement with songs (or the audience) she did put on a great show – it was like one big party and she looked absolutely amazing. Her routines, outfits and set changes were every bit of what you’d expect from the Barbadian beaut and if you missed out this time round she will be back to entertain the U.K. from mid November so you can see her in a month!



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