LIVE REVIEW: Nero @ Electric Ballroom, Camden

Dubstep Duo Make A Statement!

In the words of The Guardian - There's a longstanding tradition that an artist who starts their own record company will use it to sign artists in their own image: they don't call them vanity labels for nothing.

So it is that the big signing to London-based commercial Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep duo Chase and Status MTA Records is the London-based commercial Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep duo Nero.

However, Nero are becoming a phenomenon in itself, and last night went a long way to reinforcing this.

The tidy Electric Ballroom was the perfect venue to hold such a gig. Upon arriving, you could smell the anticipation in the air from the widely varying crowd. After getting our customary plastic cup of beer...the lighter option preferably. We were ready.

The duo arrived on stage just after 9.30pm and immediately owned the floor. Rock-led 'Me and You' momentarily made the place feel like a Guns 'N' Roses gig with its heavy bass. 'Act Like You Know' turned things into a frenzy. Sweat dripping, misty visuals and drinks spilling...Perfect! 

'Guilt' added a great dimension to the gig. Fans were in awe. The duo had their moment. This was their coming.

Dubstep and Drum'n'Bass have this inherent ability to provide somewhat of an out of body experience to a reveller, albeit with the assistance of an alcoholic beverage...or two...or three! Nero have managed to master this potential, and used it to its full effect on the crowd last night. 

New single 'Crush On You' was the icing on the cake to a gig that had already exceeded expectations. Footwear was significantly darker upon leaving then when one arrived. It felt like you had worked out, or engaged in some type of aerobic activity!

Chase & Status will most definitely be looking down at their excelling proteges with great pride, whilst Nero are probably looking up in appreciation for the break their bosses provided them with. It's definitely going to be interesting when the day comes and their 'Idols have become their rivals', no pun intended...

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