LIVE: Matt Cardle @ KOKO, Camden

Mr X Factor Silenced A Few Critics With This One...

Amidst the hundreds of screaming women, their husbands and a handful of pensioners was me; I'm more of a House to Dubstep, Pop, R&B to Hip-Hop kind of girl. Feeling a little out of place and not as enthusiastic about seeing Matt Cardle, I was very much taken back by the positive reception. As the lights dimmed to signal the start of the main act there was a deafening shrieks and a surge of Matt-hungry females pushed forward as if they were going to be able to touch him all the way from the balcony.


Initially I wasn't too bothered about getting the best spot, however as soon as he began to sing I immediately began tapping my foot and gently knocking my head back and forth to the soothing, but poignant sounds. Matt showcased his latest release 'Run for Your Life' and a score of other ballads that included 'Pull Me Under', an acoustic rendition of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' and his christmas number one 'Collide'.

KOKO in Camden was the perfect location for Cardle, as despite it being deceptively large inside, the dimly lit venue with its secludes areas and slightly hidden nooks has the ability to generate an intimate atmosphere; something that complimented Cardle's affectionate tone and overall humble performance. He is presented as more under the radar when compared to his most recent predecessor Alexandra 'Diva' Burke, nevertheless it's good to see that he hasn't completely fallen off the entertainment grid like 2009 winner Joe McElderry, Leon Jackson from 2007 and who can forget (or should I say remember) Steve Brookstein in 2004.    

However, Matt can't really be described as a performer; there where of course no dancing, unless you would consider swaying about the stage like a soft rocker Jon Bon Jovi and head-banging equal to a dance, there were no Leona Lewis style theatrics or surprise elements. For me he lacked the shock-factor last night. Having said that his fans were entranced by his familiar style and credit has to be given to a singer that can hold the gazed and attention of their audience simply by being themselves; a great singer. I can imagine collaborations with successful titans Coldplay, the soulful James Morrison, Maroon 5 and even for the ultimate X-Factor duet Matt and Leona; now that would be climatic.

All in all, Matt surpassed the expectations of his fans and impressed me; job well done mate!


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