LIVE: Fatboy Slim @ Oxjam, Dalston

Charity Put On Intimate Music Showcase


Let me just say, I haven’t been this excited about an event in a while. I adore charity shops and revel in the excitement of rummaging through smelly clothes and unwanted crockery with the same impulse and passion as a child scrambling downstairs on Christmas Day. So the opportunity to make some shapes to Fatboy Slim’s tunes while being sandwiched in-between the fiction section and the men’s shirts was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The charity shop gigs officially launch the Oxjam month of music, which runs through the whole of October and is a festival with a difference: thousands of fundraising music events are put on by ordinary people – from large-scale festivals to local sponsored busks – making it the biggest line-up of any music festival in the UK.

Walking in one could see all the delightful goods that had been pushed to one side to make space for the gig, maybe I can try on that vintage jacket later please? Thanks. Make shift bar next to the History Books, instant smiles. The place was filled with a joyous harmony that one can rarely find anywhere, the faces beamed, the warmth hugged.

‘Man Like Me’ were first to take to the stage, sharing a penchant for North London boozers and old skool garage. The ‘carnivalesque kings’ as named by Dazed Digital have been known to dominate discerning dancefloors and tonight was no exception. Energetic and elasticated they chanted and chirped, harmonised and purred through some of their older stuff intertwining it with tunes off their new album 'Peculiar'. I could feel the sweat starting to seep out but I was in no mood to stop my frolicking around. Shirt stripping and plain sailing for these guys.

Kissy Sell Out jumped on next. He has been hailed as one of “the most exciting, charismatic and entertaining DJ’s of the decade” by Mixmag and I have to say that this guy seems to get better everytime I see him! This DJ, producer and graphic designer known for his eccentric electro productions is one hell of an energetic beast. Let’s just say that he smashed it, fusing together alluring tracks and captivating beats.

Limbs started to flail, sweat started to spray. I adored that he put Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ in the mix! Even if I had two broken legs I still would’ve forced myself to dance. With charm and skill, with love and flair you made the whole room dance. Thank you sir.

FatBoy Slim. Everybody knows him. A pioneer. A legend. His raucous blend of house, acid funk, hip-hop, electro, techno has echoed around the whole of the UK for nearly 3 decades. He is also one of the very few people who can pull off a Hawaiian shirt. So to see him in such a lovely intimate venue was beautifully unique.  I remember playing ‘Funk Soul Brother’ on repeat for about 2 weeks when I was younger. To stand still at this lovely moment would be near impossible. To not sing along to some of his classic songs would be even harder.

After playing the first year of Oxjam gigs, returning for the 5th anniversary was always going to be momentous. The polystyrene boards that made up the roof of this Oxfam had been torn down in joyous fits of delight?

This exclusive and intimate performance among the books and clothes of and Oxfam store will surely go down as a momentous moment in history...a lovely fusion of music and second hand treasures...



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