Mulberry X Apple Private Launch Party @ Mulberry Store, Bond Street

Geek-Chic Heaven, What Took So Long?

  • Actress Charlotte Riley,
  • TV PresenterJameela Jamil
  • Actress Natalie Press
  • Model Poppy Delevingne
  • TV presenter Gizzi Erskine

Whoever thought technology was for geeks was very wrong; even high-end fashion designers are getting involved in the ‘Apple Takeover’. Mulberry, the classic luxury brand launched a new range of bags on Friday to accommodate to the everyday of an iPod, iPhone or MacBook owner – Which is probably half the universe (and growing…).

Dropout UK was in attendance!

With oversized apples everywhere we thought we were walking into the Alice in Wonderland movie set, with the exception of these gorgeous bags and abundance of Apple Cocktails (amazing job bar staff!). However it slightly did feel like a little Fantasy Fashion Fair.

For a start, everywhere you looked was a rich, fashion connoisseur. Jameela Jamil (presenter of T4) was present wearing a cute, yet simple LBD, whilst sporting an oversized Mulberry bag, to the joy of the brands attendees. Her co-worker Miquita Oliver was also there chatting away to a bunch of girls that all looked like Miquita clones, whilst munching away on the mini hot dogs given out... Where does she put it all?! James Brown ‘The Self Proclaimed World’s Best Connected Hair Stylist’ also came in to celebrate the launch and stand around looking pretty cool if I do say so myself

Other random faces to join in the nights festivities were Poppy Delvigne, Olivia Inge and Leah Weller who are all becoming increasingly popular on the cat walk circuit these days. It was great promo for themselves as I’m sure they weren’t just in attendance for the goodie bags. This was on bonfire night, so the goodie bags were seemingly tied into this as we received sparklers and toffee apples... Together with the excitement and anticipation of these products, coupled with all the sugar and glitter, you felt like kids for at least 10 minutes before remembering ‘cool’ was the advised look.

On to the product… Displayed in glass shelving, (to deter those quick handed thieves) they looked positively dazzling (but a little heartbreaking to the average individual considering they cost up to £750). We were shown plain black leather iPod carriers, oversized leopard print clutches for your MacBook, and even metallic iPhone holders. Whatever your style, you’re bound to be interested in one of these. They have holes to put your earphones in, and padding for your laptop so they’re extra safe to carry around- Fashionable and Functional. They were displayed with very shiny looking apples that were a little tempting to take a bite... Don’t worry, we didn’t. (But if you find bite marks in your iPod holder, it definitely wasn’t us.)

If you haven’t got any of the Apple products yet, you will be tempted after seeing these carriers. They’re just too irresistible.

Apple has always been a bit of a show-off brand, and this will you make anyone jealous - if you have enough money and want one of these designer beauties say “bye bye” to your boring laptop sleeve, iPod, or iPhone holder and make way for these wonderful new inventions. It’s geek-chic heaven.

It was a fun night!

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