Take That Singstar Launch @ Tabernacle, Notting Hill

Wide Variety Of Celebs Come Out To Celebrate With The Lads

If you thought Singstar was just for you and your mates to sing out of tune to well you’re wrong! Dropout UK were in attendance as Take That launched the game with a star studded event, and got a wide variety of celebrities and artists to sing their little socks off.

The party not only included a preview of the game, but also DJ sets and amazing guest appearances. I’m not so sure whether these celebrities were really interested in the game, or whether they just wanted a good old karaoke night out, but whatever the reason, they definitely had a merry time.

When we finally got into to the venue, held at Tabernacle, Notting Hill. It was packed full of UK beauties including Paloma Faith, Remi Nicole and Pixie Lott. Along with this, Kate Moss sang and danced the night away with the likes of James Corden, Pixie Geldof and Taoi Cruz - Quite a diverse bunch of people those Take That boys can pull in. There were also lots of the popular late 90s band members out such as Rachel from S Club 7, and Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten, showing even they want some of this Take That Singstar action. Some drama from the night included Speech Debelle (winner of the Mercury Award) rapping for the lucky members of the audience, but then getting booed off the stage. James Corden took to the stage with a great reception, and soon took on a rap of his own to lift spirits back up. Probably my highlight of evening…

The party was in aid of the charity Body and Soul which helps with people affected by HIV. This event was a brilliant success for the charity, married with the hype around the game. It’s a testament to the power and importance of bands re-uniting and putting egos aside, as this would have never happened if Take That didn’t join forces once more. Shame Robbie didn’t make a surprise appearance like he did at the Children in Need Concert this year, I think everyone in attendance had a glimmer of hope – Considering he’s engaged now (or Is he?) we’ll probably be catching him at a lost less of these industry events, which ruins the chances of some ‘Groupie Love’.

The boys looked gorgeous as ever, but there were some interesting fashion on the night. We got talking to the ever original Paloma Faith wearing a full length dress which was sparkles-galore, added with even more sequins on her shoes. Maybe she’s been inspired by Edward from Twilight? She can pull it off though, and is definitely one of the more, shall we say, unique characters in showbiz. We briefly saw Kate Moss who went for the laid back look with messy hair and black clothes. And we can safely say that Rachel Stevens still has that dancing body on her, and is as charming and lovely as ever.

The popularity for this event was immense as there were only 350 tickets available to the public. Fans even waited outside the event to get a signature from the boys, and were given all the signings they wanted. Take That raised tons of money for the charity, and have created a great buzz around the game, conveniently around Christmas – Bizarre, that.

We’ve got our copy, so get yours!

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