Dropout UK @ SONY Playstation 'Resistance 3'

...and the darkness descended

Nathan from Misfits

Waterloo Station Arches played host to the launch of Sony Playstations 'Resistance 3', in a night entitled '...and the darkness descended'.

The central theme of ‘...and darkness descended’ is that the longer you survive, the more you see.  Set in an alternate London location that provides a prequel to the beginning of Resistance 3, participants will form part of the ‘resistance’ whose role it is to send a message to US survivors, who we subsequently meet in the beginning sequences of Resistance 3. Echoing the game's multi-player elements, participant groups will not be able to survive without working together to achieve goals.

Taking PlayStation game mechanics and making them real world, the audience become characters in a narrative which relies upon them in order to move forward.

Pretty cool for the launch of a game if we do say so ourselves...

Well known faces included Nathan for Misfits, Meg Matthews, Theo Hutchcraft and various others who turned out to both celebrate the launch and enjoy the free refreshments on offer of course!

If your yet to see, check out the trailer for Resistance 3 which is out on September 9th below!


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