Leona Lewis 'Echo' Appreciation Party @ Hyde Lounge

Dropout UK Celebrate Album Completion With Singer In LA

Everyone at Dropout UK felt the 'missing you' symptoms creeping up on us when we heard that our Leona Lewis was going to be spending some time in the states doing promo on her album release of 'Echo'. We couldn't bare to wait for her return, so we decided to follow her over to America... Well not literally! We were informed that her management were throwing an album appreciation party at the Hyde Lounge (amazing venue!) over in Los Angeles on Tuesday. After a few phone calls to the necessary people we sent our Los Angeles Dropout over to the Lounge to give us some feedback on the evenings events...

Met with the usual bouncers, fans, and photographer 'accompanied by his two cousins' i thought it'll take an eternity to get in, but i must of been smelling of his favourite perfume as i was inside the venue within minutes! To the left of me was Ciara, to my right stood two members of One Republic (i've never known there names names have skipped my head). We said our customary 'Hi's' and i continued to walk, a little upset with myself for not finding out where her dress was from, one word...Uber-Chic!

As i was on my own i didn't plan on staying for too long. The mission from management was to attend event. Drink a few cocktails from the free bar (okay i added that one!). Check out Leona. I had completed the first two and was beginning to look like 'the odd girl who seems to be smiling a little too much, and has not stopped asking PR if she could bring the photographer in'! I only realised that i was beginning to stand out when an elbow connected with my cheekbone and as i looked up i saw Leona in the middle of a bunch of ugly, upset, beastly creatures called 'security'. I received no apology, not even a look of acknowledgement. The only person who realised that i had just been bulldozed was Justin...yes JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He looked at me and made a 'thumbs up' gesture, which made me feel so much better until i saw a waiter with some cocktails pass me en route to him. Something told me that, that gesture may not have been intended for me. Oh well...

The legend that is Clive Davis was entertaining the company of a beautiful, tanned female on his right arm, couldn't be a day older than 22, maybe a new artist! I had a chat with rapper Eve about her dog paw tattoos on her breasts, sexy as hell! Exchanged Blackberry Messenger contacts with former N*Sync member JC Sachez (watch this space...) and continued to enjoy the Mai Tai cocktails. Tip: Ask the bar man to add a hint of lime juice if he has, as it gives it an awesome kick!

Whispers were saying that David Beckham was around, but i never managed to spot the LA Galaxy midfielder. Not sure if i was prepared to see that mohican in the flesh anyway!

Leona looked amazing! Either she had on a 'waist shrinker' or she was on a rapid results regime, as she looked significantly slimmer, and toned to perfection. Dressed in a purple Body Con dress that fitted like a glove, her hair was shimmering against fire red lipstick. Wow! She was being brought around the room to greet every one in a totally unnatural, structured, mechanical, automated manner, but she still managed to look sincere and appreciative to every single one of us. I had to commend her on this when we briefly spoke, as i have a personal bone to pick with 'meet and greets' as they can potentially ruin your first interaction with an idol, because you practically feel like you know them, only for them to look straight past you whilst your holding your breathe for 'just a little' eye contact'... screw you Ricky Martin!

Anyway, it was definitely time for me to be on my way. Taxi Please!

Hope i didn't miss anything!

T'was a good night.

Echo is available nationwide.

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