Dropout UK @ Katy B Gig, KOKO, Camden

Ms B Brings It Home!

South London BRIT School graduate, Katy B, continued her UK tour at KoKo in Camden tonight. Having hit the commercial scene hard in August 2010 with her number 5 hit, ‘Katy On A Mission,’ she recently followed it up with a collab with Ms Dynamite, ‘Lights On’ and the emotional, ‘Broken Record.

New artist, Jagga, was one of Katy B’s warm up acts (Jamie George being the other.) His dubstep/rock/reggae beat battered the floor! He’s a definite one to watch.

The tension was now building with excited whispers of “Katy B’s coming,” echoing around the bar area. As the crew cleared Jagga’s set to make way for Katy B, a mixture of young Katy B wannabees, teenagers, loved up couples and oh-so-cool guys in obligatory checked shirts and Tinie Tempah glasses, made their way downstairs towards the stage.

After being asked to sing the chorus to ‘Katy On A Mission’ along with a trio of excited young women who had forgotten the words, I was pretty confident Katy B could do it better than me. I was right (although it has to be said, I think I’m a great singer.)

Suddenly, the lights in the club dimmed, the crowd screamed and then the heavy bass kicked in. Katy B appeared … running on stage, clapping her hands above her head followed by a bout of jumping up and down. This girl has got energy!

She kicked off the show with ‘Louder,’ encouraging the crowd to sing ‘Louder’ back with her, and followed it up with her huge hit, ‘Broken Record.’ This really got the audience jumping up and down like three year olds at a party.

Her band were a brilliant accompaniment to her voice, especially the saxophone and trumpet who added a real Ska feel to proceedings.

Dressed in Varsity style silk jacket, black trousers and flat shoes, Katy is an understated beauty. She lets her songs say it all.

The songs were as expected, and all from her ‘On A Mission’ album. She saved her latest song (the collabo with Ms Dynamite,) until the end which left everyone dancing in the mosh pit long after the band had packed away and of course, the crowd went mental when ‘Katy On A Mission’ kicked in.

BRIT school grads haven’t always been met with open arms, (apart from ‘Can’t Do No Wrong’ Adele of course,) but Katy B should also be given recognition for what she does. Young, fresh, talented and home grown, Katy B kicked Camden’s arse tonight … in the nicest possible way.

If you’re at any of the major festivals this year, Katy B is definitely an act worth catching.

The gig was a sell-out. Having watched her live, it’s easy to understand why.

She absolutely nailed it!

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