Children In Need Rocks @ Royal Albert Hall

Gary Barlow Brings The Stars Out For Charity

Upon arriving at The Royal Albert Hall on the 12th November you could feel a live buzz in the air, without needing to say a word, you knew exactly what the cause of this was 'Was Robbie William's really going to perform with Take That tonight'? We all know Robbie Williams is prone to the odd cancellation, accompanied by a hilarious excuse, but this was for Charity. Surely he'll pull through... Albeit not literally a duet with the lads, they did share a hug and a song together. However we kid you not, this was merely the icing on a cake full of star-studded surprises.

Sir Paul McCartney rocked the crowd playing a classic 'Beatles heavy' set, with the assistance of the re-formed Boy Band.

Upon receiving the roll call a few weeks back listing the artists who had signed up to perform, the excitement (with the exception of the Take That reunion) was not because we were going to witness the UK's premiere artists recite the singles that had placed them in such privileged positions, but more so down to the fact that they would be done in collaborations that the mind would even find difficult to settle.

It was already amazing to witness the power Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars' had over the audience, only to then see the beauty Cheryl Cole waltz her way on to the stage in a white gown and big smile to perform the ballad 'Set Fire To The Third Bar'. Vocally this was the best live performance Cheryl has done since embarking on her solo career. After the X-Factor lip-synching controversy, this should have silenced a few people...for the moment.

Not to forget, Children In Need Rocks was a Charity Show executed in a concert format, hence we listened to sad stories whilst our hearts and wallets opened to request for donation. Mr Gary Barlow definitely hit the nail on the head with this one, as there was an air of appreciation amongst the audience, suggesting without saying, 'you've just given us that, so we'll give back this' . I have no doubt donations will begin to flood in and surprise fundraisers as much as Dizzee Rascal accompanying Dame Shirley Bassey on the stage to perform her Bond classic 'Diamonds Are Forever' did. Drapped in a black tuxedo and a cheeky grin Dizzee swaggered onto the stage and smoothly delivered his verse, whilst shaking a leg with our Dame.

Lily Allen and the Take That lads also put on a great performs in light of a 'not so up to date' orchestra who seemed to consistently miss key notes. Luckily with the fan screams drowning out most of her words, they definitely got lucky.

Muse and Paolo Nutini also gave the crowd a night they'll probably be telling friends and family about for a few years at least. It was definitely pretty epic.

With rain pouring, the stars (16 to be precise) definitely came out in support of a good cause.

Great night.

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