Dropout UK @ Example, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

He Definitely Set A Good Example On This Showing!

On a cold evening I saw the bright lights of the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire gleaming in the distance. Saw a street seller peddling boiled eggs and garlic…..i was actually tempted before I reminded myself I was going to a crowded place without any mints, actually I’m hungry give me some please.

The beauteous and excitable crowd huddled in anticipation. I saw everyone from youngsters, clutching their lemonade as if they had saved up for it for weeks, to old age pensioners. I had to hide as I didn’t want the oldies to recognise me from Bingo!

Wretch 32 bounced onto the stage. This guy has come a long way from the notorious Tiverton estate in Tottenham where he grew up. He looked more All Saints then ghetto but this guy is making it big now. Gone are the times when he was one of grimes hidden gems. A couple of grainy you tube videos here a random freestyle there is what most people had to go on….now he’s been nominated for the BBC's Sound of 2011 polland MTV named him as a nominee for MTV Brand New for 2011. This skinny guy has an abundance of energy that makes one wonder if he ran into a massive bag of sugar as he was going onstage. Most of the crowd wiggled their hips to the music, unknowingly listening to one of the starts of 2011, but when his single ‘Traktor’ (which made it to number 5 in the charts recently) came on, the populous woke up, the chants rang out.

The crowd were here for only one man though. The beautiful Shepherds Bush Empire glistened, the crowd huddled together, young and old. I had seen this guy on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and he didn’t seem very witty. I guess sitting across from Noel Fielding most people are going to seem a tad boring but to my surprise he had woken up and after a couple of banterful exchanges I was hooked. Not going to lie, I’m not Examples biggest fan, but after hearing a few slices of his electro pop niceness from his album Won’t go Quietly, I warmed to him. The crowd never faltered. Vivacious smiles and loving eyes, the crowd chanted away to his singles "Watch the Sun Come Up", "Won't Go Quietly" and "Last Ones Standing". Even his new unreleased material seemed to initiate the flailing of limbs. This energetic guy was not the same guy who had mumbled his way through Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Strobes flashed and hands waved and after a short duet with Wretch 32 his most famous offering rang out. “Love kicks starts again” got even the older people chanting away. They had forgotten about Bingo and instead were pointing to the sky in adulation.

Off to get some more boiled eggs. Love and hugs.

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