Dropout UK @ I Am Number Four, Vue, West End

We Head Out West To Check Out New Sci-Fi Hit!

On February 2nd, in the mist of Leicester Square’s madness, was the official Magazine screening of the forth-coming feature film, I Am Number Four. As always queues streamed from all stations of the Vue West End. From the box office to the refreshments, it was an obstacle course all the way up to screen six, where the film played before a room crowded with media critics and journalists.

As the curtains drew back on the big screen, the movie commenced. Accompanied by a dramatic composition, the music set the pace for what was to come over the next one and three-quarter hours. With the opening scene offering a majority of the depth behind the tale, it is not too long before the storyline is established.

Feeling number three die, through something comparable to a telepathic connection, in a dramatic and public display, number Four’s cover is blown. Forcing the lead character of ‘John Smith’ played by Alex Pettyfer and his guardian ‘Henri’, played by Timothy Olyphant, to take on their new identities and attempt to run further from the ‘Mags’. Enemies from their home planet of Lorien, who are set out to seek and kill one after the other, the nine ‘gifted’ children who had escaped from their home planet long ago.

As the movie progresses John and Henri’s mission develops, as does johns character and powers. Fed up of running and unwilling to turn his back on love, he chooses to stay and fight. Now his task is to protect not only himself, but also the world on a whole, from the take over of the Mag's. Losing his guardian knocks his courage and belief, but the emergence of number six sees him stronger then ever. Seeing John Fight to fit in, fight for love and fight for survival makes it difficult to determine the exact genre of Film I Am Number Four falls into, as the movie sees elements of sci-fi and romance, meet action and fantasy.

The film hosts a mostly male cast, with John’s love interest ‘Sarah’ played by Glee’s Dianna Agron and Number six, or ‘Jane Doe’ as she refers to herself, played by Teresa Palmer; being the only female cast members. Number Four living two separate lives, finds the movie offering a variety of character profiles. Many of which take on the obvious roles of the high school science nerd ‘Sam’, played by Callan McAuliffe. The jock ‘Mark James’ played by Jake Abel and the good girl he dated ‘Sarah’. Those characters that played part in John’s supernatural life, presented slightly more entertaining personas. The leader of the Mag’s was a heartless and sarcastic alien, who would intimidate humans for entertainment. Number six had her somewhat cringe like biker chick, badass persona. Quick witted she would take on the Mag’s with her fireproof powers and speed.

Fusing small elements of household phenomena’s such as, The Twilight saga, Fantastic Four, Avatar and one of the many teen inspired movies out there, I Am Number Four is one for the family. With no scenes too shocking or disturbing and a predictable but satisfying ending, one that is left open for a possible follow up film. The movie is set to release on February 18th 2011.

Check out the trailer below!

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