Dropout UK @ Professor Green, Scala

Mr Green Put On A Great Show Infront Of His Passionate Fans

Live at Scala, Kings Cross on February 8th; Virgin Records recording artist Professor Green, performed an hour long set before several hundred screaming fans.

The crowd cheered and rapped along, as the DJ spun a selection of hip-hop hits, both old and new school, preparing for the MC to take to the stage. As the show commenced at 9:15pm, Professor Green appeared alongside two vocalists and a live band, initiating the show with a free style over a mix of Gladys Knight ‘License To Kill’ and En Vouge ‘Don’t Let Go’. Cameras and phones lit up the audience and arms took to the air as the MC worked the stage.

After performing crowd favorites such as ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Just Be Good To Green’, the top five hit featuring Lilly Allen. The artist moved on to perform some of his new work including ‘Save Me’, before taking the audience back with the MC’s debut single, ‘Need You Tonight’, which saw Professor Green joined on stage by Maverick Sabre.

As the venue progressively filled with fans lining the stairs and walls, filling the balconies and watching from the lobby windows, the artist asked for the crowds participation in singing along to a random selection of hits, including Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’, A Tribe Called Quest, ‘Can I Kick It’ and Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’.

After forty minutes on stage, the MC began to wind the show down to a close. Performing the forthcoming single ‘Read All About It’, before thanking the audience and exiting the stage; leaving the backing vocalist to finish the show. The crowd remained put as they yelled and cheered, hoping to encourage an encore and without disappointment, a few minutes later, Professor Green reappeared alongside Maverick Sabre to perform ‘Jungle’. The energetic performance was followed by three further tracks, including a cover of Travis McCoy’s ‘Billionaire’, that the MC had prepared for BBC Radio1s Live Lounge, before officially ending the show with the track ‘Monster’.

As the bass continued to shake the North London club, the DJ kept the music spinning whilst the crowds flooded out the doors. Some fans headed to the cloakroom, some straight back to the bar and others directly out the venue, a few stopping on route to purchase a Professor Green poster. Still reeling with energy, it was apparent that their night had ended on a high.



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