Dropout UK @ Stereophonics Live, Hammersmith Apollo

Rockers Gave Fans Exactly What They Came Out To Hear!

Welsh super-rockers Stereophonics triumph as they took over the Hammersmith Apollo, London, showcasing a rocktastic performance from start to finish!

Situated at the ‘circle,’ it was plain and rather striking to see the group’s demand in full throttle after more than a decade of legendary rock. The practically sold-out venue hosted a gathering of fans, all eager to participate in the oncoming show.

The gig formed the second part of the two-day nostalgia themed London tour, of which both performances centred on their first two albums Word Gets Around (1997) and Performance and Cocktails (1999) respectively. Our appointment was all about the group’s re-release of Performance and Cocktails, out 18th of October (in Super Deluxe edition.)

The thread of reminiscence was in full weave minutes before the show, initiated by an ever so homely-looking film clip, which appeared on the stage on a large screen. It exhibited the group’s journey thus far, including black and white youth photographs (they make for very adorable kids!), tour snapshots and intimate band photos.

The Stereophonics trotted through an abundant second album setlist which included songs such as Roll Up and Shine, Fiddler’s Green and Just Looking, while the loyalty of fans shone through as they recalled word for word hits like Pick a Part That’s New, Plastic California and In My Day. With beer in tow, and spirits on a high, the ‘seated’ crowd were up on their feet battling front man Kelly Jones for lead singer credits.

During a quick breakdown through the middle of the show, Kelly got our hands clapping and our mouth’s woohoohing as he casually recalled the early days at his mother’s house in Wales before the great success of the band.

All band members are recognised as contributors to the writing of Performance and Cocktails; this fact personified by the sheer enthusiasm and engagement delivered by all members throughout the concert. Sadly, Kelly’s maximised passion often proved detrimental to the quality of the overall sound, leading to his incessantly loud vocals over the soundtrack’s relentless volume.

All in all, the Stereophonics did what they do best- perform hits. True rockers, hyped up to the max!

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