'This Is It' London Premiere

Fans And Celebs Come Out To Enjoy The Spectacle!

I had mixed emotions when arriving to this event - Excited that we were finally going to get to see the highly anticipated film about the 50-date This Is It programme Michael was supposed to complete, but sad because it officially signals the end of the Michael Jackson frenzy that has existed since his controversial death on the 25th June 2009. It forced me to ask the question 'So what now...?'

The London premiere of the late star's 'This Is It' film - which follows the singer's preparations for his 50-date London residency in the months leading up to his death - began in the early hours, yet that didn't stop fans from turning out to support their idol.

Westlife lapped up the overwhelming fan screams, whilst former Sugababes singer Keisha Buchanan elegantly worked her way around the red carpet posing for an insane amount of photos somehow managing to pull off a unique pose everytime! The JLS guys were in typical choreographed Boyband form sporting different variations of MJ tribute t-shirts. Others working the red carpet included Harry Connick Jr, Aby Clancy, Lamar, George Sampson, Chipmunk and Peter Andre.

'This Is It' - which screened simultaneously at 19 premieres around the world - was drawn from over 100 hours of behind-the-scenes clips shot in Los Angeles and showed a multi-million pound spectacular featuring pyrotechnics, complex dance routines and elaborate stage sets.

However, a group of fans calling themselves 'This Is Not It' had called for a boycott of the film, claiming it covered up the 'Thriller' star's poor health and glosses over the enormous stress he was under when he died.

Their threatened protest failed to take place. I was pretty relieved about that, as this was a time to celebrate the spectacle and not scrutinize the shortfalls of the story.

Mel B was looking stunning which is becoming a common superlative when describing her of late. Is it me or has she significantly upped the 'glam' marker in the past year?

Paying tribute to the pop icon and her only meeting with him in Germany, 1998, Mel said: "He was very humble, down to earth, sensitive. He was very, very sweet."

There was something special about the night, unlike no other premiere. Maybe it was the unorthodox time. Maybe the overwhelming amount of fan tributes. Or maybe it was because we all subconsciously accepted that this in fact really was it...

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