Dropout UK @ Pete Doherty Gig, Jamm Brixton

Pete Returns To Brixton As A Solo Act

Pete Doherty graced the intimate Brixton Jamm venue on Saturday night, performing a tremendously well-received acoustic set. Surely buoyed by the success of the Libertines reunion (reviews of their Kentish Town gigs, and the Reading and Leeds events, have been largely positive), Pete returned to Brixton as a solo artist.

The chemistry that had recently been regained onstage with Carl Barat was instead being forged (albeit in a different way) between Pete and the audience, as his typically loyal followers enjoyed every moment of this collection of his greatest works. Before the Arcadian hero took to the stage though, those fortunate enough to have tickets enjoyed an opening DJ set and the supporting acts. Krakatoa, a London-based band who has previously won acclaim for their tours with Alabama 3, were deemed highly favourable. Incidentally, Krakatoa will be performing at Lewisham’s Dirty South later in the month.

Without much warning, Pete Doherty emerged onstage not long after his accompanying acts had taken their leave. Immediately he appeared effulgent, with every one of his songs being sung back at him by an audience familiar with all his efforts. It seemed that Pete was in a generous mood, allowing the first few rows of the crowd to dictate the nature of the set. Picking up on what seemed most demanded he played songs that stem from his time in The Libertines, Babyshambles, as well as tunes released on his solo LP ‘Grace/Wastelands’.

As with his recent Libertines performances, he was not particularly vocal between songs, but was cooperative in every other sense with the audience, extending his set to the point where he was asked to leave the stage by a decidedly unpopular employee of The Jamm. Indeed, a hilarious slapstick episode preceded this, as the aforementioned worker intruded upon the stage during a song in order to stop him from smoking, and was roundly booed by the raucous crowd, and evaded by Pete.

Highlights of the elongated set included his last effort, ‘Horrorshow’ (the opening song of The Libertines’ recent gigs), ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and the Wolfman-penned ‘For Lovers’. Triumphant, Doherty was forced from the stage, and with no additional Libertines plans at this point, or Babyshambles releases imminent, it is unclear when he will be returning to London.

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