Dropout UK @ XBox Halo Reach Launch Party, Victoria House

Reggie Yates, Pixie Lott, Mr Hudson, Rio Ferdinand And More Come Out To Play!

We entered Victoria House slightly late and uber flustered, thus, the warm room only served to encourage a constant flow of sweat to drip from my face. The venue hosted the Xbox Halo Reach Launch Party, which is the latest release from the Xbox Halo trilogy series. For those unaware of the game, Halo is a science fiction electronic destination that centres on the competitive experiences of the ‘Master Chief,’ a cyber-formed, human super-soldier and his artificial intelligence companion, Cortana. The Master Chief aids future humanity by battling an alliance of frightening aliens, using weaponry from a first person perspective. This time around, new Halo Reach occurs in the year 2552 where players can control ‘Noble 6,’ (a member of an elite soldier squad) during a battle for a world titled ‘Reach.’

It was a white room, dimly lit, yet laced with eccentric lighting, which was strangely appropriate as the spotlight was reserved for the boxing ring –type object at the front of the room. Reggie Yates (BBC) hosted a entertaining Halo Reach ‘game-off’ between a group of young Halo enthusiasts and a celebrity panel that consisted of the beautiful Jameela Jamil (T4), Mr. Hudson, Rio Ferdinand and the aptly chosen Jason Bradbury, famed for his role on the Gadget Show (Channel 5). We were rather distant from shock when the Xbox kids won, the celebs would hardly be taken seriously walking away head high from a cyber fight with wide-smiled youngsters. So yes, indeed the youth team won, the battle was over and the stars disappeared quicker than the speed of Halo gun bullets! Mr. Hudson seemed to adhere well to the game’s theme of doom as he brushed past the crowd clad in dark, black wayfarers and a black leather jacket.

Well we wanted to further investigate what all the fuss was about so we whizzed over to the various occupied widescreen TVs, where I imposed myself on a Halo-focused young man and politely asked him to explain his thoughts on the game. Barely able to tear himself away from the screen, he explained that it was fantastic, yet not entirely different to the previous Halo games, and then suggested that I have a go! Yes, I was in there- I had got what I wanted! After being seated, I realised that the use of the term ‘first-person’ should not be used lightly here, as I was literally brandishing a gun of mass proportion around an obstacle infested room trying to kill super-enhanced aliens while simultaneously ending the lives of a human captain on the opposing team. After I established my co-ordination it was on!

We then proceeded to work the room, during which we encountered an assortment of famous faces including, Pixie Lott, Jade Ewen (Sugababes), Eastenders’ Devon Anderson and Ricky Norwood, Big Brother’s Brian Belo and Sam Pepper and weirdly, a number of current and past Hollyoaks cast members. In addition to the turnout of guests, we were extremely pleased by the seemingly unlimited servings of rice and chicken curry, steak, egg and chips and mini dessert bites. For the alcohol lovers, it was a scene of pure delight as beer and cocktails overflowed from the bar. Furthermore, my non-alcoholic concoction of elderflower and ginger was delightfully sweet!

The night wrapped, the guests continued to buzz with uncontained enthusiasm, and outside a 3-strong boy band were attracting an attentive crowd via there singing skills (although some might call it busking!) It seems that Xbox could soon be deemed responsible for another launch! All appreciators of target-practicing, smoothly assembled, yet abrasively engaging gaming and of course the Halo series, should set out for the shops on the 14th of September.

Fun night!

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