Dropout UK @ Basement Premiere, Mayfair Hotel

We Go Down To Celebrate The Arrival Of Danny Dyers New Movie

On Tuesday night, London’s Mayfair Hotel hosted the premiere of new Danny Dyer picture ‘Basement’. Unfortunately for the organisers of the event, the film’s star was unable to attend, his absence owing to a cold. It therefore fell upon the other recognisable faces to conjure a sense of glamour.

The evening could have easily been mistaken as a premature reunion for previous Big Brother housemates, many of whom are slated for an imminent return to Channel 4 as part of the series’ climax. Profiting from the curiosity of the media present, attendees included Charley Uchea, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Amanda Marchant and Alicia Douvall.

Once gathered in the auditorium, first-time director Asham Kamboj introduced the piece. Assembled on a budget approximated to be £600,000, the markedly brief feature involves a group of students (and Jimi Mistry, present at the event, and here playing an affluent city business-type) who foolishly ventures down into an underground base before, inevitably, things go gruesomely amiss.

The narrative will not refashion the horror genre – the film borrows liberally from the Saw franchise and Nick Hamm’s ‘The Hole’ – but it does, at times, attempt to cast the story in a political context. To assist the revelation that concludes the convoluted story, the characters are initially presented to us as politically conscientious anti-war protestors. Any high-minded subtext soon subsides though, as the action in the deep shelter is reliant on violence and the occasional sexual approach.

Fans of the protagonist do not have any radical career changes to contend with, as Dyer plays a foul-mouthed everyman whose confusing past does nothing to complicate his essential role. The recognisable arcs and premise bode well for the film’s success, but the modest budget and inexperienced direction make the film’s DVD release (August 23rd) a more relevant date than August 20th, upon which day Revolver Entertainment and Paperknife Productions will be hoping it will be showing in cinemas.

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